7 Mistakes To Avoid For Your Facebook Campaigns

published on 22 June 2022

Here is a compilation of the 7 mistakes to avoid to succeed in all your Facebook campaigns:

❌ Mistake #1: Being afraid to invest.

Facebook/Meta ads require a certain amount of budget to gather data on your market, for testing and optimization.

Be strategic with your marketing budget, but let your campaign run several days before cutting everything.

If your first campaign doesn't work, don't get discouraged.

❌Error #2: Bad decision making.

Don't cut your campaigns too soon.

After 2-3 days of testing, if you are break-even on your campaigns, let it run for a few more days because it can take off.

The algorithm needs time to optimize.

Facebook takes time and needs to learn what your best audience is.

In general the algorithm works like this: it tests segments of people (hence this notion of CPM) and analyzes how they react over a few days.

Typically if you are part of the algorithm's target, you will have the ad for a few days in your news feed. It will disappear quickly (after a few days) if you don't click (or pass by very quickly without interacting) and stay longer if you did click (and even longer if you added to the cart) etc. Do the test for yourself 😉

❌Error #3: Bad campaign.

3-4 years ago Traffic and Engagement campaigns worked not too badly for conversions.

Today, 99% of the time, use conversion campaigns.

However, you can use a traffic campaign if your retargeting audience is very small (less than 1000) and you had previously run a conversion campaign.

❌ Mistake #4: Incorrect configuration of your tracking (pixel and CAPI).

Your pixel needs to be set up properly to optimize your campaigns and allow you to make decisions.

❌ Mistake #5: neglecting the offer and your ads.

Spend time creating a compelling offer with a strong call to action.

Write catchy ad copy that encourages people to click

Have thumbnails that stop the scroll or the first few seconds of your impactful videos.

❌ Mistake #6: Wrong audience.

Being too specific = more expensive CPM and very low reach.

Test close interests in the same ad sets

Avoid targeting your already existing buyers unless you have a very specific marketing strategy.

❌ Mistake #7: not measuring your performance.

All ads eventually wither away.

When you find a combination that works, make variations and alternatives to constantly keep it fresh.

Change titles, thumbnails, images and video clips.

Set up your analytics columns on your ad account.

Analyze your statistics in the form of a sales funnel.

❌ Mistake #8 (bonus):

Having an overly complicated account structure. When you have too many campaigns, you are literally throwing money down the drain. We'll talk about this in more detail next time 😉

Keep in mind that Facebook advertising is investment of time and money to harvest data.

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