7 Tips for Targeting Professionals and Businesses on Facebook.

published on 03 August 2022

You'll be surprised to know that there are just over 2.6 billion monthly active users on Facebook in the first quarter of 2020 alone.

According to statistics from Statistica, Facebook is one of the largest social networks in the world.

But some marketers don't think Facebook is the place to find business owners .

Indeed, they think that Facebook is primarily used by consumers and therefore more for B2C purposes.

However, there is a good chance that the business owners and professionals you want to reach have a Facebook account!

This article shows you 7 tips to target professionals in any industry with Facebook advertising.

We'll explain how to use advanced interest-based targeting, demographic targeting, and behavioral targeting to get there.

Tip #1: Target Facebook page administrators

Targeting Facebook page administrators is one of the easiest ways to directly target business owners or professionals. Indeed, most business owners have a Facebook page on which they are directly administrator.

This is a simple but very effective trick. And yet, most people don't know about it and don't use it.

To target people who are administrators of Facebook pages you need to use the following configuration in the advanced targeting part of your ad manager:


This simple trick will allow you to find people who own a business.

It allows you to place your ads in front of the right people.

You can also take this technique further and target specific page administrators such as people who manage restaurant, tourism, sales, sports pages and more :


Tip #2: Target professionals from their industry

If you want to target or reach companies in the financial industry and particularly in investment banking, well you can!

To do so, use the "Financial Services" interest.

Similarly, you can target a wide range of different industries such as private sector, public sector, sales, agriculture, administrative services etc.

Use TargetEZ software to find all the industries you can target from in-depth demographic and interest research:

Examples of some industries retrieved from Targetez software
Examples of some industries retrieved from Targetez software

Tip #3: Target people who use Facebook payment

This is a particularly good targeting to use if you want to target people who have spent money to pay for Facebook ads, for example, in the last three months.

To do this, use the behaviors "Facebook Payments users (90 days)" or "Facebook Payments users (30 days)."

Facebook payment user behaviors generated from Targetez
Facebook payment user behaviors generated from Targetez

Tip #4: Target decision makers from their position

You can also use Facebook to target the position of the people you want to reach. For example, if you want to target business owners, well in this case you can simply target a position like CEO, Founder, Director, etc.

With this strategy you will mostly focus on the position where the hierarchy within the company. In this example, we are trying to target the decision-makers that we will try to reach with our ads.

Be careful though, this is a strategy that can work, but most people do not necessarily post their position on their Facebook profile...

Tip #5: Target business owners and professionals on Facebook via magazines

Try to think of what magazines or online publications (website, blog) your ideal client might read. Once you've compiled a list of potential magazines your business owner might read, you can use that information for your targeting.

Make sure the magazines you target are relevant to the type of business you are trying to reach. For example, if you want to reach real estate agents, you may get better results if you target real estate-related magazines.

Tip #6: Target High Income Earners

I have to warn you about this tip: it's only possible in the US!

You can target the highest income households to offer your products and services.

Tip #7: Target professionals based on interests

Why not leverage the power of Facebook and its classification of users based on their activities, to directly target people who are interested in "business" in general?

If you try to type the term "Business" on the ad manager in the advanced targeting, you will get some interesting suggestions like :

  • "Small Business"
  • "Small business owners"
  • "Entrepreneurship"

A search for the term "business" on the Facebook ad manager yields few results.

The downside to using the Facebook ad manager is that it shows few suggestions of interests to target for your ads.

This is how many advertisers use the same interests and leads to increased advertising costs with poor ROI.

TargetEZ solves this problem.

The software allows you to explore all possible suggestions behind a search term. If we take the example above and search for the interests we could target for "business", we find 659 results.

Searching for suggestions for the term
Searching for suggestions for the term "business" on Targetez yields 659 audiences to target

From this large list, you can choose the audiences you want to target by quickly checking the size, description and relevance from the Google and Facebook validation links.

With Targetez, we were able to retrieve even more interests that we could use to target professionals and businesses.


Try one or more of these tips to target professionals and businesses for your Facebook ads now!

Tell us in the comments or by email which ones worked best!

Finally, don't hesitate to discover the Targetez software to simplify your Facebook targeting research!

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